The Concept - THE VORTEX is a single player ticket grabbing game that takes place in a free standing steel powder-coated booth. The player tries to catch as many VORTEX tickets as possible and place them in The Black Hole before a timer runs out. Background music and effects along with colourful lighting adds to the user experience, with a powerful fan blowing the tickets around the player in a vortex. It is also a very visual experience for family and friends as one side of THE VORTEX is made from clear polycarbonate, giving you a great view of the action. THE VORTEX has been designed to give an interactive and fun experience  for the player and spectators in a space saving footprint of only 150cm x 150cm! 

How It Works - The customer enters THE VORTEX and the door is closed behind them - at this point the machine is started and the player is welcomed and given instructions over the built-in sound system.

The countdown begins    5...4...3...2...1......BLAST OFF!

The fans then begin to create THE VORTEX and the tickets start to swirl around the player. The fun background music plays whilst the lighting and sound effects add to the player's experience. The LED countdown on the outside of the machine allows spectators to interact with the game as they can encourage the player to hurry up and grab more tickets, which they must catch from THE VORTEX and place into The Black Hole. At the end of the timed play session the machine will congratulate the player and instructs them to exit THE VORTEX to find out how many tickets they retrieved. The whole experience is fast, frantic and fun, but the great part is that everyone watching the player gets to be involved as well!