The 500 tickets that are supplied with the machine (250 of each colour) are designed to ensure that the player has to work to collect them. Depending on how you want to operate the machine within your business will determine how you use the tickets.

Example 1

If you want to use THE VORTEX  as a birthday party driver we suggest you make the experience exclusively for the Birthday person. This way it ensures that the other party guests will want to book their next birthday party with you after seeing the machine in action so they too can experience the thrill of THE VORTEX.
If this is the case the end result of how many tickets the player manages to collect is not important as no matter how many they collect you award them a prize for their efforts as a present for their birthday. You have collected 80 tickets! Well done - you have won a special prize! If you want to introduce a system that allows the player to win a major top prize, this is when you can bring the 2 different colour tickets into play and set house rules that suit your party offering - for example, the Player must collect a set number of Blue Tickets in a set time and every Green Ticket they collect takes one off their total score.

Example 2

Some business may feel that they just want to operate the machine on a 'Win-A-Prize Every Time basis', with the ability to also go for bigger bonuses and charge for the players to try and win prizes. The key here is that even if the player only collect 1 ticket that they DO win a prize, this way you are not taking money for a gamble, more a definite basic level prize with an added element of chance to win bigger ones. It is also possible to use the above system by setting targets at different levels of tickets posted into the Black Hole.



Example 3
You may want to also use THE VORTEX to help drive repeat business and sales on ancillary parts in your business. This can very simply be achieved by placing bounce back and discounted tickets into THE VORTEX either in place of, or as well as the normal tickets. Simple ideas include​

- Discounting a returning visit, discounting if they go and play/spend on another activity within your business you are wishing was busier (we all have them I'm sure!)​

- Free birthday parties, free drinks, free anything that you decide you want to give away to drive business. As you can see from the few examples above the beauty of the VORTEX is that the only limitations it has are the ones you place on it.​


- More importantly you can used it in many different ways  meaning you can earn money and drive sales from the machine for years and years to come!


1 Machine (branded The Vortex)

500 tickets of 2 different colours,

50 Golden Tickets

1 pair of eye wear


ONLY £3495


Bespoke Branding
Customer to supply Jpeg of any required logo/images; we will produce the art work with required changes, complete machine re brand, tickets and SD card. Customer to confirm no trademark infringements.


Delivery to the customer location and installed into the required area, set up machine and train as required.

Payment required prior to delivery.





1 machine branded for tickets or cash

INITIAL DEPOSIT £495 prior to shipment to confirm order.

12 monthly payments of £250 first payment is collected 1 month after machine is installed.

Delivery and install £199 payment in full with deposit.


The machine comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty, subject to a fair use policy,

Additional yearly extendable warranty packages are available at £299 per year, these can be purchased at the

end of the first manufacturing warranty.

0% finance is subject to approval requires contract and monthly payment made by standing order.

All goods remain the property of Birthday Blaster Ltd until paid in full.


*Please note these prices are based on delivery and install in England Scotland and Wales only. We can deliver elsewhere but cost will need to be agreed.

Delivery and install cost are payable prior to delivery.


All price are subject to VAT.