Where can you install The Vortex? ... Soft Play Areas, Bowling Alleys, Theme Parks, Holiday Camps, Public Houses, Leisure Centres.... anywhere that customers would come to celebrate their special occasion with you!

The obvious locations for The Vortex would be those that already provide some kind of Birthday attraction. More so if the venue is limited for space yet wishes to provide an attraction that will end the party with a unique experience that ensures customers go home with a fun filled memory. However the small footprint and low cost of The Vortex means you can think outside the box when it comes to siting the machine.

Corporate Events for large businesses - a great way to reward the team whilst having lots of fun!

Trade Shows and Product Launches - THE VORTEX is a great way to drive extra traffic to your promotion and increase footfall and interest to your trade booth. Stand out from the crowd with a great customer experience they won't forget!

Competition Winners - Why not use THE VORTEX as a competition eliminator, as a head-to-head ticket grabbing game, or introduce your own Prize Tickets for instant win, cross promotion or added incentive for customers to return.


 What  do you currently do for customers that are celebrating their birthday or special occasion when on holiday with you?


Why not use THE VORTEX as a value added offering for your guests? Get them up on stage and make it a centrepiece for an event using the play modes mentioned above... or think of your own promotions that work best for your venue. Why not include a Golden Ticket in their Welcome packs or add a 'Free Return Holiday' ticket.

You could offer bounce backs and discounts to other areas in your venue or even add some Lucky Tickets that reward a local charity with a donation.

The possibilities that THE VORTEX offers are endless for both your venue and your customers!


The business model for Public Houses has changed over the last five years with more and more families in your location now celebrating birthdays and family occassions in their local pub. How do YOU compete with all the other locations in your area that offer birthday packages?

THE VORTEX can help! With a footprint of only 1.5m x1.5m we can offer you a new and exciting way of promoting your venue without sacrificing floor space. We can brand the machine to fit your decor and corporate colours to keep in line with your marketing strategy. Also, THE VORTEX does not have to be a family occasion or birthday attraction.... why not add your own spin to the machine and aim it at Stag Nights or Hen Parties? 

Remember, here at Birthday Blaster Ltd we do not hire these machines - we sell them. If you are a current business or a budding entrepreneur their is an opportunity to buy and hire THE VORTEX to pubs and clubs in your area - give us a call today!


Birthday parties are already a huge part of your core business, however everyone wants to have a slice of the cake - and that includes your competitors! You need something to run alongside your normal pay and play offering.

THE VORTEX experience allows you to retain something very special to the birthday customer, in turn giving you the USP that all great businesses need to stay ahead of the game.

THE VORTEX is suitable for children aged 4 and up (however parents can take the place of the birthday child if they wish) - with parents struggling to find something new and exciting for their child's party you will see the buzz that THE VORTEX can create!

Interested to see what THE VORTEX can do for you? Lets Talk.​


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